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Export Packing

Professional packing to protect all your belongings  


Moving goods is just a tip of the iceberg. Every expierenced carrier knows how many different factors can leave you properties exposed and in what way can affect you belongings. Several items require individual treatment thet would be adequate to their specific features. Packaging, which apparently seems to bo a simple activity, in fact should be a combination of knowledge about packing techniques and materials and knowledge about different conditions that may affect transported goods. it is also the art of prediction and prevention. Although it may look complicated, our experts know exactly how to treat different types of items to provide maximum security and psychical comfort to the owner.

Bright Removals' qualified team always chooses the best available solutions to protect your belongings and to avoid damages. Our experts pay attention to the high quality of wrapping and packing materials selecting them carefully from all options available on the market. We always make sure that the materials we choose are properly adjusted and designed for the type of transportation that you expect. We think comprehensively taking into consideration such factors as possible weather conditions including moisture, any possible logistic aspects that are beyond out control, but might affect the transportation process (e.g. road surface) as well as aesthetics - we always protect your belongings against dirt.

Meet the experts in international removals

We offer a wide range of packing materials such as:

  • cardboard boxed and cartons,
  • storage boxes,
  • bubble wrap and foam,
  • papper sheets and rolls,
  • wardrobe boxes,
  • house moving kits,
  • packaging tapes,
  • cardboard sheets and rolls,
  • corners and edge protection,
  • protective packaging,
  • boxes for bottles,
  • tape dispensers,
  • wraping and strapping materials.

We go the extra mile in offering a reliable,
high-quality and efficient moving and shipping service.

  • Insurance as standard
  • Expierenced and freindly staff
  • International removals to Sweden
  • Low damage frequency
  • Specialised in removals to Germany, Austria
    and Central Europe
  • Personal and honest service
  • No job too small or too big
  • Relocation service to Finland
  • No hidden fees, simple pricing
  • No misleading small print
  • Removals to Mediterranean Islands